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T.I.T.S Disease

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This is a website devoted to explaining the effects of the T.I.T.S. Disease, also known as Tea- Induced Tytherium Sefalytus. This disease is a harmful and unrelenting one that can cause digestive tract infections, mainly because it is brought on by traces of e. coli which can be found in tea. This is due to the production of the synthetic nylon used to make tea-bags, which contains material used by e. coli to sustain life. Most prokaryotes, such as e. coli, can live in any environment and the e. coli thrives in synthetic nylon. When the bags are seeped into water, e.coli particles enter the tea, rendering an unsuspecting tea drinker to e. coli. T.I.T.S affects more women than men, with about 32,400 women being diagnosed annually, and 7,100 men being diagnosed annually. Symptoms of onsent T.I.T.S are severe chest pains, bloating, and vomiting. If you suspect that you have T.I.T.S, see your doctor immediately for treatment.

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